We understand that not everyone is the same, so we provide mutltiple options in learning our IT Security Courses and we have developed a variety of innovative learning methods:

  • Instructor-Led Training - Regular classroom training with our world class instructors.
  • Self-paced Learning - flexible schedule, your convenience, one-on-one training
  • Live Online Training - take classes online & also interact with instructor & fellow students
  • On-Site Training - Corporate Training - We come to your Location with Cost-Reduction & Time-Saving
  • Fly the Trainer - We understand the value of your time & money, so we help our client by sending our trainer to your location anywhere in the world.

A Major Challenge within Information Technology is the pace at which technologies, threats and attacks develop. In a corporate environment, relying on outdated information about threats and vulnerabilities can lead to companies being blindsided by attackers. Conversely, the technologies available to protect critical assets are constantly evolving, to provide a higher level of assurance and protection against attackers. Making sure your company is prepared for these changes, as it does not just require investment in technology and processes, but also in your employees.

Having highly skilled employees who are given the potential to grow their expertise is a great benefit to any organization. An organization’s success can often be directly attributed to the skills and expertise of its individual employees, and these benefits should not be overlooked.

Many companies spend a great deal of money on third party consultants to cover essential business tasks within the organization. Such tasks could include periodic network vulnerability scans, developing security policies, or many others. Being able to provide these types of services internally in the organization could be a great benefit, and the cost of sending employees to the requisite training may prove to be decidedly cheaper in the long run.

Of course, there are times when outside consultants and vendors are always required, such as when external penetration testing is required for compliance reasons, but nurturing internal expertise can be very valuable to the organization.

It is both in the interest of a company, and the individual employee to stay on top of trends. For a company, it is an essential business strategy to stay on top of any threats to its assets. For the individual employee, knowledge development should not stop when one leaves University; continued training benefits both your organization and your own career. The individual can enjoy benefits beyond just the knowledge they learn from the course; job security, pay raises, and promotions may all be benefits of obtaining and applying new knowledge.

A temptation for management may be to think that such knowledge is easy to acquire through potentially cheaper mediums, such as technical books or online training services. Although these are cheaper options, they do not provide all the same benefits. Interfacing with the instructor and other students, experiencing hands-on labs and exercises, and building relationships that can later be employed when further expertise is needed are important aspects to “real-world” class environments that cannot be replicated easily through reading a book.

Increasingly, computer attacks keep on migrating from the network perimeter to poorly designed and developed Web applications. Fundamentally, little has been done to tackle this problems, with most current offerings being only piecemeal with much promise but little delivery.

We believe the correct solution is to train Security Officers, Pen Testers, Security Analyst, Network Administrators, System Administrators etc. about the need to design network in secured way leaving no loopholes for Attackers. and how to do so. As a first step in this effort, it is important for this audience to see the problems in action from an attacker’s perspective.








What Our Client's Say?

"The Intro Sessions and Advanced Attacking phase are awesome and with the added bonus of Lab Book you take the cake!  I love the practical sessions!"
    - Jodie L. Johnson, Senior Software Engineer, Amazon, USA

"I am very happy with all your training sessions. I recommend CPTP course for anyone, who is willing to start career in penetration testing."
    - G. Joseph, Security Analyst, Verizon, USA


" Advance ethical hacking course was really worth learning, CPTP exam is setting new trend in infoSec industry."
  - Mark Waller, US Dept. of Defense

"Mr. Aatif is very knowledgeable about the course content, I would recommend CPTP Course who wants to get deep in Ethical Hacking."
 - Patrick Cooper, System Engineer, Sony Corporation of America

"Lab exercises along with trainer helped me to understand ethical hacking in much better & easier way."
 - Daniel Miller, U.S Army